Thursday, April 16, 2015

Summer meetings 2015

In recent years, the main thing I've been using this blog for is letting people know about meetings I'm attending and from time to time, meeting reports of varying quality.  So here are the meetings I'll be attending during Summer 2015:

Society for Systematic Biologists standalone meeting (Ann Arbor MI May 20-22) Not planning to present here, but will be around for face-to-face with other OpenTree of Life people and anyone else who wants to discuss or simply catch up.

Animal Behavior Society (Anchorage AK June 10-14).  I'm coming up to Anchorage a couple of days early, and currently have the 9th completely open. No sudden exits this year I promise. I have signed up to give a talk about Arachnolingua and I promise I'll keep the focus on the spiders (ontologies and reasoning will stay in the background).

American Arachnological Society (Mitchell SD June 19-23).  Not sure whether I'll do a poster here.  The plan is mostly to play sponge and catch up with some people.

I'm currently focussing on contributing to the OpenTree taxonomy effort (with Jonathan Rees) and reworking the Arachnolingua tools.  Nothing to report on the next Behavior Ontologies workshop at this time.

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