Monday, June 11, 2012

ABS 2012 - It's different this time

I've finally made it back to full attend an ABS meeting for the first time in five years (I last presented at the 2007ABS in Vermont).  I'm here in a different role this time though, not as a postdoc or an ontology contractor.  I'm attending talks for the first couple of days, then representing the Dryad repository at an exhibitor's table, which will extend into the first days of the following HBES meeting.

I haven't stopped doing ontologies or thinking about spider behavior (I caught talks on Black Widow sibling cannibalism and jumping spider vision this morning - the later talk included some courtship clips that looked very familiar).  And although I've stopped work on OWLWatcher, I have a more focussed project related to spider behavior and one more in keeping with NESCent's focus on synthesis.  More about that later.

For the moment, I will spend the time catching up with behavior people, making new contacts, and enjoying some talks.  You can catch me on twitter at @pmidford, or follow the tag #abshbes2012.