Thursday, May 28, 2009

This summer

I'll be attending two meetings this summer: Evolution 2009 (Moscow ID) 12-16 June and ICBO (International Conference on Biomedical Ontologies - Buffalo NY) 24-26 July. I'll be presenting some of my recent work with BiSSE at the Evolution meeting (my first non-ontology talk for a while) and representing Phenoscape at ICBO with a poster. Of course the rest of Phenoscape will be at ASIH in Portland while I'm in Buffalo, but it made sense to have Phenoscape represented both places. I'll miss Portland, but Evolution is there next year.

I'm mentoring another Google summer of code project - my student will be developing a Mesquite package that will read and display Phenex annotations to character matrices. Getting Phenex to talk to Mesquite is an important, relatively low-hanging fruit for Nexml to enable, and just the sort of thing I've been trying to do with Nexml for a while now.

I will be leaving Kansas at the end of August and headed (indirectly) to NESCent to start an ontology alignment project. I'm hoping to develop something that might be useful as a prototype both to Phenoscape as well as a core component to EthoOntos, the comparative method backend to OwlWatcher.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Minor Ethotools updates

I've put up in-progress versions of the updated OwlWatcher manuals (both pdf and html). There are also some minor site updates. Nothing profound, but perhaps useful if you're trying the release candidate.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It is (sort of) done

I've posted Windows and OSX versions of a release candidate for OwlWatcher 0.040. Despite the small version number bump, this release does represent substantial changes and, I hope, improvements. In addition to switching over to the Manchester OWLAPI, there are improvements to project management and video playback. I made this a release candidate because there seem to be people using OwlWatcher and I'm dubious about backward compatibility, so by making this a release candidate I hope people will approach this with more caution and make backups of their work before trying this.

New Project Tab View

New Watch Tab View